Immigration & Global Mobility


To maintain the competitive edge, sometimes you need to look beyond the Canadian border for top talent. Our Immigration team navigates the ever-changing immigration system and provides you with effective solutions to fill labour shortages within the five skill levels that the Government of Canada has set as part of the process.

With a focus on the manufacturing and sports and entertainment sectors, we walk our clients through the forms, documents and steps required to bring key international talent to Canada and advise on the best options and strategies specific to each situation.

We provide comprehensive immigration and cross-border law services, including:

  • Work permit applications and exemptions to the process
  • Study permit and business visitor and visitor visa applications
  • Emergency repair work and after-sales service applications,
  • Permanent residence applications,
  • Labour market analysis applications
  • Change of status applications
  • Criminal inadmissibility remedies

We'll work with you through the entire process, from identifying eligibility matters and filing the required documents to dealing with officers and preparing you for the border office questioning process, as well as the cross-border procedure.

We have experience dealing with several applicable government departments in the immigration and cross border process, including Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Service Canada, and the Canada Border Services Agency.