Manitoba reduces interprovincial trade barriers


The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) recently released its 2023 Interprovincial Cooperation Report Card, awarding Manitoba the top national grade and score ranking.

The report card grades three major areas of interprovincial/territorial cooperation:

  1. Canada Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) exceptions
  2. Inter-jurisdictional barriers to trade
  3. Status of items from reconciliation agreements

Manitoba received the highest score in Canada of 8.9, thanks in part to its inclusion in the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA), signed in 2010. The agreement reduces barriers to trade, investment and labour mobility between British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and streamlines regulations across the four provinces.

The report card also found Manitoba to have signed the most regulatory reconciliation agreements in the country.

The Manitoba government also reported that, “Reducing internal trade and mobility restrictions could increase Canada’s real gross domestic product by over four per cent, the equivalent of over $1,500 for every Canadian family."