Mortgage Enforcement


Our team has extensive experience in all matters relating to mortgage enforcement involving residential properties, commercial properties and farmland including all aspects of the Mortgage Sale and Foreclosure Proceeding process and sales by power of sale.

We have established an extensive network of national property managers, appraisers and realtors who are experienced in the mortgage enforcement process which allows us to handle any property in any state of repair, including illegal grow ops.

Our litigation team has extensive experience in mortgage defence, insurance litigation, orders for possession, deficiency judgments as well as rectification of mortgage security. 

We are able to provide whatever level of service you require up to and including “full-service mortgage enforcement,” whereby our team will manage all aspects of the mortgage enforcement in accordance with your needs, including:

  • Retaining and instructing property management, appraisers and real estate agents
  • Managing real estate listings
  • Receiving and negotiating offers to purchase
  • Closing of the sale transaction

Following the sale of a property, our team adeptly handles the claims process with all major mortgage default insurers and can attend to claim filings on behalf of the mortgage lender on a timely basis with minimum of deductions including obtaining deficiency judgment where required and attending to assignment of the judgment when required.