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MBA shines member spotlight on articling student-at-law Michael Badejo

Michael Badejo touts the many benefits of being a member of the Manitoba Bar Association in the Member Spotlight published in Headnotes & Footnotes.

Being a member of the MBA is not mandatory for lawyers practising in Manitoba, but at Fillmore Riley, all articling students and lawyers are members.

Michael Badejo tapped into why Fillmore Riley regards MBA membership as non-negotiable. “Though the multitude of Sections and fantastic presentations bring a lot of value to an MBA membership, for me, the most valuable element is the connection to the community." 

Michael has been a member of the MBA since 2019. Click here to read about Michael’s involvement with the MBA and why he chose to pursue law after working in corporate communications.

Special thanks to the MBA for granting permission to republish the article that appeared in Volume 55 No, 2 February 2023 edition of Headnotes & Footnotes