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Fillmore Riley welcomes student-at-law Francine Laurin

Fillmore Riley is pleased to welcome articling student Francine Laurin.

Francine completed her Bachelor of Laws at the University of Southampton in England, where she received the Top Performing Masterclass Award. Originally from Winnipeg, Francine earned her Bachelor of Business & Administration from the University of Winnipeg before pursuing law school.

Francine will receive a well-rounded articling experience through the Gatekeeper System. A designated partner we call “the gatekeeper” receives student assignment requests from lawyers in the firm and distributes the work among students.

The Gatekeeper System ensures that students receive exposure to diverse areas of law. It also affords students the opportunity to build relationships with lawyers who practise in the areas of law that interest them the most.

To learn more about our articling program, click here.