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January 18, 2011

Fillmore Riley's lawyers to moderate and present at the MBA 2011 Mid-Winter Meeting.

Held from January 20 to 22, the MBA’s 2011 Mid-Winter Meeting is the Manitoba Bar Association’s premier event of the year.

Fillmore Riley’s Bernice Bowley will moderate Developments in Cause-In Fact since Resurfice. This session explores a potential solution to scientific uncertainty cases.

Curran McNicol will participate as one of the speakers at An Overview of Cost Awards. This session is a refresher course on the Court of Queen’s Bench Act and Rules as well as the underlying jurisprudence for the awarding and fixing of costs in Manitoba. Highlights include a review of the new changes to the Tariff coming into effect this month and broader issues such as the theoretical underpinnings of cost awards and access to justice concerns.

Anita Southall and Dana Nelko will co-present Removing Personal Representatives: A Manitoban Perspective. During the session, they will review the law pertaining to the grounds and process for removing a personal representative from an estate or trust, including relevant Manitoba statutory authorities and case law as well as recent trends.