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July 20, 2018

Fillmore Riley, A Friendly Paw Firm put their Paws in Motions for the Winnipeg Humane Society.

Team “Fillmore Riley, A Friendly Paw Firm” is proud to be one of the top corporate fundraisers for Fairmont Winnipeg Paws in Motion for the second consecutive year.  Paws in Motion is the Winnipeg Humane Society’s (WHS) biggest annual fundraiser and the 2018 event raised just over $65,000.

In addition to participating as walkers and fundraisers, the firm was also one of the sponsors of Paws in Motion, which was held in Assiniboine Park on Sunday, June 24, 2018. More than 1,200 people and countless furry four-legged friends attended.

Fillmore Riley was one of the “Behaviour and Enrichment” sponsors. The WHS aligned sponsorships with their programs to generate awareness about how the services that help both animals and owners. A trainer set up in front of Fillmore Riley’s tent and performed demonstrations with his dog and answered questions about behavioural issues.

“It was a lively morning. It was wonderful to see such a celebration of the relationships owners have with their dogs. A few people brought their cats and other critters,” said Nicolle Brockie, the general manager of Fillmore Riley. “The treats we offered were a hit and we were thrilled to be able to direct pet owners with questions about training and behavioural issues to the WHS’s trainer.”

Although the individual members of the team Fillmore Riley, A Friendly Paw firm raised funds, the firm also supported the walking team through fundraising activities that take place all year. “We’re an animal-loving firm. There’s a lot of enthusiasm about our relationship with the WHS,” said Nicolle.

Fillmore Riley has a longstanding relationship with the WHS. Stuart Blake, a partner at Fillmore Riley, served on the WHS Board from 1998 to 2010 and was a major donor and president during the fundraising campaign and at the time the new shelter was built.

Tim Dewart, a partner at Fillmore Riley, has served on the WHS Board for six years and is one of the WHS’s major donors.

“The WHS provides care to more than 8,000 animals a year. Our firm is proud to support events that make a difference in so many animals’ lives,” said Tim. “The funds we raised as a team will go towards animals’ food, medical treatment, shelter and care until they find their forever homes.”

Tim has given a forever home to four dogs he and his wife Denise adopted from the WHS. They currently have two dogs adopted from the WHS.