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March 26, 2010

Fillmore Riley LLP unveils refreshed brand.

After undergoing an extensive year-long brand-redevelopment process, Fillmore Riley has officially launched its contemporary, bold visual identity that captures the firm’s pragmatic approach.

“Our firm has earned a reputation for providing each client with a clear path forward. It’s what our clients expect and deserve,” said Glen Peters, managing partner of Fillmore Riley LLP. “We embarked on the brand refresh to ensure our visual identity communicated our clients’ experience of receiving proactive, expert legal advice.”

Fillmore Riley enlisted Winnipeg’s Blacksheep Strategy, a consulting firm that provides brand strategy and market research services to large organizations and entrepreneurial businesses, to take the firm through the brand refresh.

“Fillmore Riley has been around since 1883 and has undergone several evolutions,” said Stuart Blake, a partner at Fillmore Riley and the member of the Marketing Committee who spearheaded the initiative and liaised with Blacksheep. “The previous incarnations of the Fillmore Riley brand have served us well over the years, but it was time to refresh our brand identity and establish a new direction for our marketing and communications efforts.”

To arrive at the brand identity, Blacksheep conducted in-depth interviews with key clients and many of the firm’s lawyers and support staff and facilitated a full-day branding workshop with internal and external stakeholders.

“Research revealed a reputation for providing clients with pragmatic, directive advice. And for being grounded and straightforward like individual Manitobans are,” said Blacksheep strategy principal, Derrick Coupland. “Fillmore Riley also showed particular strength at modifying and tailoring their approach to fit the working style of each unique client.”

With a new logo, colour palette and slogans, Fillmore Riley’s stationery suite, website, corporate brochure and advertisements boast a clean, contemporary look and reflects the firm’s position as a respected, full-service firm that provides exceptional value to clients.

“At Fillmore Riley, we’ll cut through the legalese and tell you where you stand and how to proceed. We simplify the legal process for you, assist you through your challenge as quickly as possible and ensure that you receive strong value for your investment, every time” is just one of the branding advertisements that will run from early March to mid-April.