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October 19, 2017

Fillmore Riley proudly sponsors the 2017 Robson Hall Negotiation Competition.

Fillmore Riley LLP is proud to sponsor the Robson Hall Negotiation Competition for the eighth consecutive year.

“Fillmore Riley has, once again, demonstrated both its understanding of the importance of negotiation skills in effectively representing one’s clients and its commitment to imparting these skills in budding lawyers through its generous sponsorship of the annual Robson Hall Negotiation Competition,” said Dr. Bruce Curran, the professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba who will oversee the competition. “All legal training and professional expertise is directed toward one key objective—solving a client’s problems. Negotiation is the primary tool for accomplishing precisely that.”

The competition, to be held on the evening of October 19, 2017, gives the third-year students, who were selected from their year, the opportunity to compete in the Twelfth Annual Robson Hall Negotiation Competition. It also gives first-year law students the opportunity to volunteer in the running of the tournament.

In teams of two, the students meet with a team representing the other side of a fictious dispute or potential deal, with each side possessing confidential facts. This year the law students will attempt to negotiate the legal issues associated with the creation of a fictitious partnership for IT consulting. All this takes place while the teams are under the ever-watchful eyes of the judges who are scoring each team’s negotiation skills.

“Possessing strong negotiation skills is essential to lawyering,” said Wes Burrows, a Partner of Fillmore Riley and the Chair of the Professional Recruitment Committee. “We are proud to sponsor an event that will help students to refine the skills they need to succeed as lawyers.”

Fillmore Riley’s lawyers have volunteered their time as judges for the competition from its inception. Fillmore Riley’s Wes Burrows, Dana Nelko, Norman Yusim, Beth Eva, Dean Giles, Cheryl Frost, Annika Friesen, Aron Grusko, Mark Tallon, Rachel Loewen, Brynne Thordarson and Genevieve Mushaluk will serve as judges.

“Many students report the experience, especially the insightful feedback they receive from the judges from Fillmore Riley, as being a highlight of their law school career,” said Dr. Curran. “And, it is through Fillmore Riley’s generous support of the negotiation competition, both in terms of time and finances, that students have gone on to such success at subsequent inter-school competitions—The Winner of the 2014 Robson Hall competition even won the 2015 International Negotiation Competition in Dublin Ireland!”